Sustainability and Property and Asset Management

What are high performance buildings?

Through modernisation, extensive technologies and environmental considerations are being implemented in to the real world more than ever. Leading property developments  have adapted some of the crucial orientation to keep up with rising importance of environmental concerns expressed through terms of excessive methane, global warming and the lost of non renewable resources. We start to think how to provide a livable place currently without compromising the chances for the future generation.  To best address these issues, high performance buildings became the best solution to enhance sustainability . They include the qualities of; efficiency, healthy, productive, and resilient to climate changes and sustainability. It measures through energy consumption, water management and green star rating.

Looking into high performance building developments

Looking into high performance building developments

How to monitor sustainable developments?

Green star rating looks at the design elements on how to maintain the building, which promotes the holistic design and encourage sustainable design. As an example, NABERS rating on Google office Pyrmont, ( on the left) shows its rising value of sustainable developments with lower rating developments. The 5 star buildings had doubled its value and attraction of big companies than lower rating developments, which enhanced the urge for future sustainable developments . On the right hand side of the bar graph, shows a clear indication of the value brought to the business at almost 12%.

NABERS- Statistics on the outcomes of sustainable building measures

What do property owners/ companies expect from the Business Management System?

The BMS help decision makers to focus on the best possible chances to make the business successful. For example, providing information on decision-making process, optimistic business operations, apply control, minimize risks, and opportunity analysis. BMS uses the project data to monitor and put into sustainable (environmental) measures, maintenance (i.e. 24/7 ability to track and view the status of the work), reduce costs on bills, and ultimately increase the profitability of the business.

Over the past few years’ governments have been supporting the sustainable build ethics and have applied them in to the policy. For example, the government only occupies 4.5 stars or above buildings that I think it will help the commercial buildings (tenants) increase its star ratings from 2.5 to above average.

Other examples of being sustainable

The property industry has an established technology, database as well as governmental policies acting as the foundation for  future generations to be more advanced on sustainable developments. Looking at the present development like the 6 star newest premium grade office tower at 161 Castlereagh Sydney, sustainable measures became the main in the design aspects of building development. It incorporated the technologies of; control support by external sun sensors, Thermally shielded curtain, thermal heat, monitoring each floor air return for air conditioning and motion activated lighting: where the lights switch off automatically.  Further visuals & information could be found under the video link below:

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