Chau Chak Wing Building

The university of technology, Sydney’s business building Dr Chau Chak Wing  is located at the old industrial site of Sydney CBD. It is one of the first international design in Australia by a Canadian American architect Frank Gehry. (For more information on Frank Gehry, please click on the video below)

The project costs $20 million donated from Dr. Chau Chak Wing for the new faculty of Business at UTS. The site will be 13 stories with gross floor area of 15,470, including 1 basement parking for 21 vehicles and 116-bicycle parking. The building incorporates the understanding of the building purpose, history and culture of the location making it truly unique and creative giving it a character and feeling. Lastly, Frank mentioned he has the confidence that it will be absorbed by the community.


Construction side…

Gehry’s idea is to make it look like a tree house with stack up office floors. I noticed there will be two facade of the building, the east facade construct a buff-coloured brick, reflecting Sydney’s heritage architecture. And the west façade covers with glass to reflect surrounding building and allow sunlight.


“The business school needed to open up to creative processes, and open itself up to creative thinking,” said Gehry.
I discovered through out the construction process, Lend and Lease ARUP incorporated a collaboration of database using digital tools including Strand, Rhino and AutoCad. Some distinctive elements of UDr Chau Chak Wing Building includes parametric links across disciplines, the structure is all related to one and other, geometric control of the building and adapting 3D technology of visualising the finished building. Traditionally, the construction style would take longer time to construct, 2D information being less efficient, more expensive and has more frequent safety concerns.

Now, Gehry team uses 3D navigation model, GP technologies and making individual decks, slabs and walls.  These digital technology allowed shorter construction time with increased accuracy therefore, people can create a better place for the students to study in the most effective way possible.

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