Constructing the Future: Hyway System and the Enterprise BIM Initiative


How does Hansen Yuncken stand strong for over 90 years?

“Technology and the ability to add value through innovation is very powerful, and if you are a first mover on this it’s going to deliver a real competitive advantage.” – CEO Joe Barr.

A little abit of background information: Hansen Yuncken is a privately owned construction company for over 90 years and operating at the cutting edge of innovation in building industry. Now Hansen Yuncken has an annual turnover of $1 billion with over 650 employees operating nationally with offices in VIC, NSW, SA, TAS and QLD. Since the offices are located in different region, the communication network became important to allow communication at work with spreadsheets, tract construction progress and monitor performance. At the same time looking at the consistency and accuracy of the information cycle.


I discovered from 2010 HY developed an in-house collaboration and information management platform called HY way using Microsoft SharePoint driven by CEO Joe Barr, Chairman and Chief Operating Officer and its team members. I think the main drive for Hyway to be so successful are influential by the adaptation towards new technologies and remaining a continuous open mind towards innovation. The company has been integrating systems to pride an intelligent reporting at different elements of operation through out the company. SharePoint were integrated as an informative platform with dashboards showing data from different sources to assist in decision-making process.


“We are aiming to gain total transparency on where the business is at any given time through having a consistent approach across the whole organisation.”- Said Barr.

The integration involved; Geographical and spatial database, allowing the company to better understand the partners and clients on the target project enhancing visual presentation. More over, it enabled linkage between information on data, design and visuals. So when the client ask about where they are at in the project, they are able to go online and get real-time data instead of making a phone call to the project manager and ask him/her for a report.

Building Information Modeling where they have been developing corporate Hyway database provided efficiency, transparency, and reducing costs in the areas of;

1. corporate process: corporate information management system

2. dashboards: task collation and team collaboration

3. roadmaps

4. intelligence reporting: turning data into knowledge

5. governance

6. system integration

“I can gain a view of our business development pipeline in two or three minutes via this portal, whereas previously that would take two or three days to get a number of reports generated and collated,” said Barr.


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